Pick up the camera, aim it at a subject, and click the button. That’s how you take a photo right? Well not anymore.

Thanks to Cannon, photography may be getting an Apple touch bar worthy upgrade.

Patents submitted recently in Japan have revealed possible plans for Cannon to replace the physical, press-down button we all know, with a touchpad.

The submission discovered by Cannonnews appears to outline a flat surface which would be able to distinguish a tap from a swipe and possibly even a half tap.

The move could be a controversial one, with photographers as the shutter button (and its feel) holding a special part in many hearts. However camera technology has been evolving with the development of mirrorless cameras (allowing photography to be lighter and more compact), as well as ground breaking emergence of touchscreens.

Touchscreens have allowed photographers to tap to shoot as well as scroll through various settings without having to swivel any dials, and they have become close to expected on modern cameras.

So how would a touchpad differ? It eliminates the option to use it, and takes away something so identifiable about a camera itself.

Like the Apple touch bar, only time will tell if Cannon’s revolutionary idea will be a winner or loser in the photography world, and whether photographers love this modernistic approach or miss what has previously been such a crucial element.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo from Pexels

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