On October 10th North Korea celebrates it’s Party foundation day, however, with current tensions and the nation’s recent missile testing, there are concerns about the upcoming holiday.

What is Party foundation day and What usually happens? 

This holiday marks the foundation of the central organising committee of the Communist part of North Korea.  This year it will celebrate it’s the 72nd anniversary. As a public holiday, there are a number of speeches, performances and other patriotic mass events such as military parades. Citizens are generally provided with food rations and electricity.

Have they marked the day with launches before? 

last year there was a missile launch 4 days after the holiday on the 14th of October and another one last year on the 19th of October.  So while there have not been launches on the day, there have been some around the same time.

Why are there such major concerns then?  

While North Korea has not marked the anniversary before, there has been an increase in testing this year and there have been sustained tensions between North Korea and other countries, particularly the United States.

There were reports that the country was preparing for another test in early September but nothing has come of this as of yet.

Any holiday can create concern, testing and launches are seen as patriotic acts for countries such as North Korea by standing up to other countries and demonstrating their ability/power.

There are some that suggest North Korea will use the holiday as an opportunity to test missiles and/or provoke America.

Some sources have stated that South Korea and America have not seen any preparations for a launch of yet but things are still being monitored and only time will tell


Note: Image from Google Images

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